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Family Classic

I do a mixture of posed and lifestyle photography so that you'll end up with a traditional family portrait as well as many candid moments and smiles caught on the camera. In these sessions, we'll use poses but also silly prompts for candid shots. Taking outdoor photographs captures beautiful landscapes and colors around you, different seasons, and even the weather. Great choice for those who wish to capture moments that mean something to them in an artistic way.

boy and a horse standing in Denver mountains area
lifestyle family potrait - parents kissing in front of their child on the floor

Family Storytelling

Lifestyle Family Sessions have a documentary and journalistic feel to them and they are becoming more and more popular because of their originality. We can schedule this session at your home, nearby park, your favorite ice cream shop, or any place that is meaningful to you. Expect real moments that matter. I will be more of a passive observant in relaxed setting capturing moments of your family's favorite activities and family connection between you. This is a beautiful way to document your life for generations to come.


This session is all about capturing connection and emotion with the new member of the family. I will pose your baby in a completely natural relaxed environment of your home. For example, their crib or the parents' arms. I will document bonding in your own home and create images that represent a time of real love and happiness in your life. Posed style photography is very different and many times portrays an unnatural representation of your baby during these first weeks of their life.

mother and her newborn child wrapped in orange sleeping at her home
couple kissing on their porch with lights behind them in Denver


Booking a couple's photography session will allow you to spend meaningful time with your partner and you'll be left with beautiful pictures to last a lifetime. Take the opportunity to surprise your loved one with a photoshoot or simply enjoy and appreciate the alone time with your other half. These are relaxed, full of laughter, love, and fun prompts that will allow me to capture those truly great shots.


Maternity session gives you an opportunity to vividly relive this magical time in your life. The session can be scheduled outdoors at the location of choice or in your home depicting authentic moments of your pregnancy. Depending on which option you choose, we can discuss details and tailor the photoshoot to your needs. Dads and other siblings are encouraged to attend.

maternity photoshoot with pregnant woman in nature dressed in black dress
child during his birthday celebration photography eating yellow cake


All the work you've put into organizing the party deserves a quality photographer to document it. The value of having someone capture all the fun of a birthday party; and the friends and family that are there – is priceless. I focus on capturing emotion, connection, and authentic moments during the party in a happy and artistic way. Your kids will cherish the moments for years to come.

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